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Hey, look who's here. I think we already met before, didn’t we? Maybe it was at that party where everybody had the same idea of wearing horses’ costumes, so you put a bottle of beer on your head and called yourself a unicorn. Oh, or maybe it was when your grandpa ate all your space cakes and started speaking in flippapoula, ignoring the fact that this language doesn’t even exist. Well, or maybe we didn't meet before, but we can create some better stories than those for brands. So call me, send me an email or like me back on tinder. Just kidding about tinder. Or not.

hunger is here.

Kill it with iFood.

My role:
Concept, copywriting, scriptwriting.






V.O.: The battle for the throne is over. But never the hunger. Keep killing your hunger of series. And of iFood.


V.O.: Game of Thrones' final season. The expectation for the last chapters has taken over the country and the world. A millionaire contest for fan attention started. How can a food delivery app be relevant in the middle of this war? Every GoT fan already watches the series eyeing the killing of characters. But another kind of killing also happens: of the hunger. We created our own game within the Game of Thrones.
Carol: Now it's up to you to count how many eating scenes appeared in the middle of the episode, how many chewing people were there. So, if eating scenes appear in the next week's episode, you tweet like: "Two scenes: Daenerys eating bread and Arya eating egg.
Influencer: Because the more food scenes, the better is the discount. 
Carol: #mikarol, #AFomeChegou and also mark @iFood.
V.O.: That way, we encouraged a real match for the next banquet. Accompanying the hunger killing became part of the GoT ritual. #AFomeChegou worldwide trending topics in every episode. And it grew every week, 6 times in a row. iFood continued to gain in memory, membership, and number of orders until the end. No help from dragon, white walker, valyrian steel and millionaire budget. Just a promotion integrating the series with a campaign on social networks.

Well, the results are great... But the most impressive are those:

"The seven-head hungry demon is here everybory is disturbed antichrist are dominating do not accept the damn chip"

"See a card from the game INWO - SOULBURNER and 'you will link' the things... The worst blind is the one who doesnt want to see"
"See a card from the game INWO - SOULBURNER and 'you will link' the things... The worst blind is the one who doesnt want to see"

hint books.

Does your copywriter write books?
Because this one does.

ZAP is the largest real state portal in Brazil. They were losing market due to Brazilian crisis. So, we decided to change the focus to the kangaroo generation: young adults who still live with their parents. We identified three types of them and created a book for each one.

My role:
Concept, copywriting, the three books writing.

The Secret Of The Fitted Sheets.

The Fault In Our Studies.

Nobody Moved My Cheese.

Books (Portuguese)
O Segredo Do Lençol De Elástico

A Culpa É Dos Estudos
Ninguém Mexeu No Meu Queijo

Books (English)
The Secret Of Fitted Sheets
The Fault In Our Studies
Nobody Moved My Cheese

don't blame the clothes.

Clothes are innocent. People aren't.

Scenario:Every 11 minutes, a woman is raped in Brazil. A number as scary as the reasons Brazilian use to justify it: 1 in 3 citizens believes that it's the woman's fault, and 30% of the population attributes the responsability for the abuse not to the rapist, but the victim's clothes.

My role:
Concept, copywriting.

"Crop tops" "Hot pants"  "Miniskirt"  Craft.


Pix with an "i" of Itaú. Same Pix, but with an Itaú of reliability.

My role:
Concept, copywriting, scriptwriting.


Pix is a new way to transfer money in Brazil and all the banks went nuts about it. So much so that there were banks using their customers data to sign them up without their permission. That, of course, became an issue, customers started to reject Pix. Itaú, a Top Of Mind brand and most reliable bank in Brazil, joined the conversation to calm everybody down. After all, you can have Pix with an Itaú of reliability.

"Hot Dog"

Iolanda: Oh, I forgot my wallet at home...

Salesman: What's your name?
Iolanda: Iolanda.
Salesman: Holanda?
Iolanda: Iolanda, with an "i".
Salesman: Iolanda, I'll give you a tip with an "i" for information. I accept Pix, with an "i" for instantly, because the money is credited in my account right on the spot, even on weekends. And an "i" for impeccable, because you only need one info. My phone number, for exemple. But isn't Iolanda with an "y"?

Sorry, I have this reading the comments issue.

"Why say the letter "i" too often? That is to say, an "i" of 'illuminate'"