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A creative(???/) copywriter.

Hey, look who's here. I think we already met before, didn’t we? Maybe it was at that party where everybody had the same idea of wearing horses’ costumes, so you put a bottle of beer on your head and called yourself a unicorn. Oh, or maybe it was when your grandpa ate all your space cakes and started speaking in flip papoula, ignoring the fact that this language doesn’t even exist. Well, or maybe we didn't meet before, but we can create some better stories than those for brands. So call me, send me an email or like me back on tinder. (Just kidding about tinder. But if you want it, I want it.)

Don't Blame The Clothes.

Clothes are innocent. People aren't.

Imperfect Ads.

Parents are not perfect. And that's awesome.

V.O.: Renault Koleos. 4 way parking assist system. Panel in different colors. Bi-zone air conditioner with rear air exit.
Dad: Say "dad".
Daugther: Mom.
R-link 2 multimedia system with voice command.
Media NAV: Calling mom.
Mom: Hi, baby. How are you?
Dad: Hi. We're good.
V.O.: Real life isn't perfect. And that's awesome.


V.O.: Renault Stepway. Large internal space. Large 320L trunk. Highest ground height of the category. 7" Nav Media System.
And so, we meet again, Joker.
V.O.: Real life isn't perfect. And that's awesome.

V.O.: Renault Kangoo. Large internal space. Versatile. 7" Nav Media System. Rear parking camera. And unfortunatelly, no car deodorizer. 
V.O.: Real life isn't perfect. And that's awesome.


V.O.: Renault Kwid. SUV design. Large internal space. Largest trunk of the category. Large SUV solo height.
Dad, can I go in the front seat?
Dad: When you grow up.
Son: Well, then in 7 years, 4 months and 22 days?
V.O.: Real life isn't perfect. And that's awesome.


The new generation of Brastemp. But presented by the old one.

To present the new generation of Brastemp's products, we invited the faces of 90's Brastemp adverts: Arthur and Wandi.

"Buy 1, Take 2 of us"

Wandi: Congratulations! You just bought this stove here and you will get a gift to try the Meat Control.
Arthur: And, besides that, you will also take us both to dinner at your house.
Wandi: Wait, but this is not on the papers...
Arthur: Let people believe.


Wandi: Congratulations! You just bought this fridge here and you will get a gift to try the Freeze Control, that makes your beverage just right.
Arthur: What will it be, uh?

Statistics confirm: if you are reading this caption, you are a person who reads caption.

Arthur: Wandi, did you know that only 20% of the people who will see this video will watch with sound?
Wandi: Does that mean the other 80% will think that what we're talking about is what's written in the caption?

Hint Books.

Does your copywriter write books?
Because this one does.

ZAP is the biggest real statement portal in Brazil. They were loosing market because on the Brazilian crisis and the kangaroo genaration.

Where they saw a problem, we saw an opportunity: parents who wants to get rid of their adult children.

Hint Books. Little hints to get your adult child to finally move out of your house.

The Secret Of The Fitted Sheets.

The Fault In Our Studies.

Nobody Moved My Cheese.

Books (Portuguese)
O Segredo Do Lençol De Elástico

A Culpa É Dos Estudos
Ninguém Mexeu No Meu Queijo

Books (English)
The Secret Of Fitted Sheets
The Fault In Our Studies
Nobody Moved My Cheese


Exam for real men.

That's one thing that only man can do. But they don’t do it.

The stronger sex. Until you put a finger in.

You will not be less of a man. After all, only men can do this exam.

Finally something men can say is a man’s thing.