look at your copywriter. now back to me.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are hiring someone.
Now imagine that this someone is me. Now hire me.
Oh ok open your eyes and then hire me.

Mariana Carvalho
More than 10 years cheating the advertising industry.

Who's already paid my bills
Crispin Porter+Bogusky
Africa DDB
Suno United Creators
Miami ad School (teaching)
Mom and Dad

Woww woa look at all those awards

1 Graphite Pencil

One Show
2 Merit

Cannes Lions
3 Shortlists

El Sol
1 Silver

El Ojo
1 Young Professionals

1 Bronze

1 Silver
2 Shortlists

2 Bronze
2 Shortlists

Clube de Criação
1 In Book in Craft Writing
1 In Book in TV Spot
1 In Book in Print
1 Shortlist in PR

Lürzers Archive
Vol. 5-2017

4.9 ︎

And once I won a sandwich maker at bingo

Almost a phd but without the phd thing.
Copywriting at Miami Ad School
How is it out there? at Miami Ad School
Copywriting at Escola Cuca
Portfolio Program at Escola Cuca
Advertising at ESAMC/Mauricio de Nassau
Audiovisual Content at Curseria by Porta dos Fundos
Screenwriting at b_arco by Rubens Rewald
Screenwriting at b_arco by Rossana Foglia 
Novel Writing with Marcelino Freire
Guitar Classes

Hello, you are through to Mariana’s customer service.
Type +55 11 995.614.567 or click here to speak to
a smart amazing lovable vegan brazilian creative writer.

Come back anytime, we are always open!
(but only when we are not closed)

You can see an actual picture of how Mariana dresses in the home office.
This is an actual picture of how Mariana
looks like during the home office.
Isn't she something?

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