Pix with an "i" of Itaú. Same Pix, but with an Itaú of reliability.

Pix is a new way to transfer money in Brazil and all the banks went nuts about it. So much so that there were banks using their customers data to sign them up without their permission. That, of course, became an issue, customers started to reject Pix. Itaú, a Top Of Mind brand and most reliable bank in Brazil, joined the conversation to calm everybody down. After all, you can have Pix with an Itaú of reliability.

My role
Concept, copywriting, scriptwriting.
"Hot Dog"

Iolanda: Oh, I forgot my wallet at home...
Salesman: What's your name?
Iolanda: Iolanda.
Salesman: Holanda?
Iolanda: Iolanda, with an "i".
Salesman: Iolanda, I'll give you a tip with an "i" for information. I accept Pix, with an "i" for instantly, because the money is credited in my account right on the spot, even on weekends. And an "i" for impeccable, because you only need one info. My phone number, for exemple. But isn't Iolanda with an "y"?

Sorry, I have this reading the comments issue.

"Why say the letter "i" too often? That is to say, an "i" of 'illuminate'"